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Drainage Systems

Sub soil pipe drainage system and gravel drains


With our expertise we can help create and maintain the best playing surfaces with the most suitable drainage system, this can include main sub soil pipe drains which are installed normally at 5-10m spaces. Gravel drains can then be installed through the soil connecting to the main sub soil pipe drains underneath.


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Sand Slitting

Secondary drainage, such as sand slitting or banding, may be used as additions to a primary piped drainage system to increase surface infiltration and improve drainage of the surface and upper part of the growing medium.


Sand slitting is another option for established grass surfaces, this is an intensive network of narrow trenches 50mm wide backfilled with pea gravel and topped with free draining sand. The slit/trenches are normally installed at 1 metre centres and at a depth to connect with your existing drainage system. Surface water is removed quickly, modern equipment leaves the sward clean and undamaged and the pitch is playable almost immediately. It is recommended after the area is vertidrained, sand dressed, reseeded and fertilised.

Gravel Band Draining

Gravel bands 20mm wide and up to 250mm deep and 400mm apart are installed by modern machinery with minimum ground disturbance and use may be resumed immediately. Does not go as deep as sand slitting but can be just as effective in some circumstances at less cost.

Sand Grooving

Sand grooves from continual vertical channels for the improvement of surface drainage and aeration. These grooves cross the deeper sand slits and gravel bands which in turn connect with the sub soil pipe drainage system. This helps to speed water removal from areas between sand slits and gravel bands.

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