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Grounds Maintenance

At Curran Contracts, we specialise in a wide range of sports ground maintenance services


Verti-draining is one of the most important methods of your annual maintenance programme and it is recommended at least twice a year. Without damaging the playing surface this unique method relieves compacted layers to allow water, air and fertilizer to penetrate deep into the soil. The pitch is ready for playing immediately after verti-draining.

Sand Spreading

An application of sand to promote grass growth and improved drainage should be part of any maintenance programme. Our specialist equipment can top dress from a fine dusting to a layer over 1’’ without damage to the playing surface.

Direct Re-seeding

Direct seeding is used to restore the grass surface on areas of high use. Normally in the centre of the field.

Grass Cutting

It is essential to keep grass cut to 30mm to help promote a healthy sward and maintain a good playing surface.


Application of the correct fertilizer at the right time and rate.

Pitch Turfing

As part of our dedication to maintaining sports grounds to a very high standard, we started approximately 10 years ago to harvest our own turf operating from our base outside Armagh/Moy. Our aim was to use our expert knowledge and experience in groundsmanship to grow and maintain quality, mature sportsturf that would be strong and versatile to endure the rigorous demands sports ground fields expect from it.

Curran Contracts have laid full sports pitches in our specialised home grown turf as well as commonly replace goal mouth areas and any other wore or over used patches in a sports ground field. Our turf has been used throughout Ireland in many football and sports clubs, bowling and golf clubs, as well landscapes for domestic lawns.

Turfing For Gardens

The nature of our mature turf means it is ideal for lawns also. For those who are replacing a shrubbery or patio or simply replacing wore areas where a pet has wore an area away or also under children’s swings bare patches can materialise. With our quick and easy to lay turf all areas can be returned to perfection in minutes.


  • Consistent, high quality that is available all year round

  • Lower prices for volume users

  • Delivery Service available


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